25 June 2014

A Giant Saving

I decided a while ago that I wanted a giant in my Warhammer Orcs and Goblins army. Whether or not they are any good is beside the point; I wanted one.

Now, given that a Citadel giant costs £32.50...and that I have recently wasted £50 on the white elephant that is 7th edition 40k...and that I really don't like how that figure looks, did I?:

a. Spend £32.50 on a giant from Games Workshop

b. Go on eBay and look for what would, no doubt, have cost me even more but possibly looks better (maybe the old Marauder giant)

c. Go to Poundland and spend but £1 on a brandless "wrestler" toy that was made in China

The wrestler as purchased

Limb joints given a thorough dowsing with superglue to fix their position 

Miliput added to seal gaps and a loin cloth made from  paper towel and an Orc banner. Pendant is a skeletal horse head. 

Painted. I added a tankard made from a powder keg and a snotling with the same pose.  Perhaps the snotling is controlling the brute. 

My friend Ross pointed out that a giant wrestler should be called Andre, hence the tattoo. I guess he's from Brettonia!