20 June 2015

Stealers in the Hive

I've not posted in while but our game last week has re-motivated me. We revisited Necromunda of which we had a handful of games at the start of last year. There were four us playing a mini campaign. But that isn't what this post is focussed on.

After our campaign finished, we still had a couple of hours spare so decided to hook out the rules for 40k second edition Genestealers and have them invade the hive world (Necromunda rules are based on 2nd ed so they work well together)! Our gangs were left as they were at the end of the campaign and had to get from one end of the table to the other...presumably out the hive and in to the wastes...a marginally better fate than being torn up or impregnated by the stealers.

The gangs started just ahead of the cranes and had to get to the gaps in the elevated walkway in the distance.

It's difficult to write a battle report in any meaningful way. We ran headlong forward as a random number of aliens entered from random table edges each turn. They had to enter at ground level so the only tactic was to get off the floor as soon as possible!

Dave's Chaos Cult join the central walkway from the right flank. Ross's gang do so from the other side.

My poor gang, the Rusty O's, took a route down the left flank (mainly because I was stood that side).

Dave's zombies held up the Genestealers for a short while but didn't put up much resistance.

The central gangway became the main stage for the massacre fight. With both gangs crammed in, the aliens headed for this area and were able to cut through man after man (after mutant!).

My own team survived longer than expected with my heavy stub gun maintaining overwatch and a lot of luck.

I knew the writing was on the wall as these stealers approached...my heavy stubber (top right) and shotgun jammed. My leader's plasma pistol was recharging :(

A stealer looks down from from its entry point, ready to join the feast. But, in the distance, some of the Chaos cult are making a getaway.

Dave wins as one of his Chaos mutants gets to an exit (top right) with the Genestealers nipping at all three of his heels.

I just love it when we say "hang the rules and any hope of balance" and get on with it. This was such a fun, tense and cinematic game. It finished off a great day.

Next time, we are going to send 2nd ed Teminators in to the hive to see if they can clear out the bugs. If not then there's always exterminatus (Digamma, Decimatio, Duodecies).

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  1. Awesome fight over some awesome terrain, awesome!

  2. Great set up and looks like a fun game :)


  3. What a fantastic tabletop! I don't think it'd be possible to have a terrible game on it, even if you tried.


  4. Thanks. It's a shame that we didn't quite get all the pieces painted despite our best efforts...three of us trying to prepare for the day! The follow up game should be fully painted.

  5. That looked like a really enjoyable game! Brilliant.