26 April 2014

Co-Operative Buildings Part 1

The Co-Operative produce fair trade coffee. I've been buying this for the last few months; partly because I'm a bit of a leftie but also because of the jar lids. The moment I saw them I knew they would make excellent 15mm sci fi buildings. How fitting that, in our group's game universe, I run the Anarcho Communist Collective.

To date I have collected six lids. There would have been more if we hadn't had all that flooding here in the south (I'm a highway engineer and was sent to a different office to help out with things). Anyway, this is what they look like. They stand 25mm tall.

The buildings will be small, mass produced (well, six is a good start) dwellings for my ongoing Redemption City project. In planning for these little units, as well as drinking lots of coffee, I put Antenocities Workshop GOT doors and windows on my buy list for Salute.

They will probably need a few other odds and ends to bring them to life and I've had some air con units by The Scene sitting around for a while.

So, here's a couple of Blu Tack mock ups of what I'm looking to produce with some figures for scale. I'll show the finished articles in Part 2 (whenever that might be!).


  1. Clever! Good eye for a shape there.

  2. Once you have prettied a few up, you should make a rubber mould, then cast as many as you want from plaster or resin.