29 March 2014


A couple of years back Khurasan released the Gutter Gophers. I loved them and immediately bought a batch. As we all know, such impulse buys end up on the lead (and plastic and resin) mountain.

I finally painted them up last year and decided they would be the "Terrorformed"; creatures made accidentally as a by-product of terraforming.

Now, I knew that the poor chaps would struggle to open up vehicles or take on the likes of my buddy's alien queen. It was around the time of Salute and I knew that GCT Studios would be attending. I had already been eyeing up The Nian from their Bushido range as a candidate for a big daddy Terrorformed.

He just needed conversion:

Each of the back legs was put on the "wrong" side to give that back-to-front look of the Khurasan figures. I also added a Milliput tail and then cleaned my thumbnail.

The Nian's single eye was covered over. I added a couple of new eyes (although his single eye would be more appropriate given the phallic overtones). I then crimped the chain around his neck and added some Milliput foreskin (for want of a better word) to his penile head. 

Here his is, ready to paint.
And, finally a couple of shots of the big old fella with some of his pack. I think they work well together. My modelling skills are nothing special but the similarities in the figures made this a simple job.


  1. Matching the anatomy (esp. the legs) went a long way towards this guy looking like part of the pack. Great job. These critters aren't really my style but you painted up an impressive horde of them!

  2. Those gutter gophers are truly alien. Very alien, I have a burning desire to exterminate them.