08 March 2014

Fireteam Andromeda in Redemption City

I played my first game of Fireteam Andromeda today. Although I had previously GMed a game between Ross and James once before, this was the first time I actually played and only the second game of FA for our group.

Here is a "battle report lite" with a few snaps showing my Guardians of the Revolution and James's Blitzkreig AG forces. I hope to follow with review of the rules as very little has been published about this game. We've made a few house rules to suit our tastes but, on the whole, we are quite impressed with this system.

The mission:

We identified three mutual objectives on the table and secretly determined their worth to our force in terms of victory point value (zero, one and three points). Our "basic" units must be holding these at game end to score their points. In this photo the objectives are the truck on the far right, the small hologram on the roof of the centre building (the one behind the statue) and car in the courtyard behind the 4-storey building.

James's walker (this thing was armed to the teeth!) takes a pop at my Che Guevara MBT. This area, near the truck objective saw a lot of fighting. It was obvious that we had both assign the truck as one of our scoring objectives.

More fighting near the truck as my power armour arrives from reserve:

On the other flank, I had already advanced to the parked car (my primary objective) so James sent in his jump pack reinforcements. In the distance, out of shot, James also brings on a flanking vehicle which wipes out all but one man of my scoring unit:

I too have a trick up my sleeve and land a drop pod near to the objective bringing it back under my control:

Seeing that my forces are close to taking the truck aswell, James leaps his jump troops across the city...

...where they wipe out my scoring unit (who were already in the truck):

James only has one scoring man left nearby and he quickly occupies the truck, ready to get away with the rare ore it carries. I can't allow this to happen so I send up in my Knights of Cydonia to finish him off. The truck has been denied to both of us!

On the right, Blitzkreig AG desperately try to get an APC to the truck but they don't make it in time. As the game ends, I am holding the car which you still can't see (top leftish). James has one man stood by the hologram in the centre (which isn't worth much to him). Although he has power armour troops in the truck, they are too bulky to get in the cab and drive it (non scoring unit!). Victory to the Guardians of the Revolution!

All in all, a cracking game that this report doesn't do justice to (the lack of appropriate photos and correct continuity doesn't help). As I say above, I'll try to get a review of the rules and an overview of our house rules published for anyone that's interested (we really haven't changed much as the game tick almost all our boxes).

Here's few more photos and that's me done for my first ever blog post. Sorry it's not a bit more coherent but, you know how it is...you're engrossed in a game; not directing a photo shoot ;-)

(Ah, there's the car objective!)


  1. Wow, what a beautiful table (and well painted minis). The gallery is pure genius.

    This looks like you've started a great blog.

  2. Yeah, I especially like how green and sustainable your future is. Those buildings look really great, although they're a bit clean for a war zone ;)

    This is an excellent start for a new blog.