23 March 2014

Oldhammer World Zone Mortalis

Yesterday, 6 of us went to Warhammer World in Nottingham. We had booked the Zone Mortalis table to play a game of 2nd edition Warhammer 40,000 using kill team rules with 400 points forces.

18 objectives were scattered around table and, upon finding one of these, the controlling player would roll d3 to establish its points value and roll on an event table which contained wandering monsters, random events such as teleportation and  items that the carrying figure could use.

The Space Hulk (kitted out with Ross's fantastic scatter terrain). 

Adam's Imperial Guard abhumans (Squats and Beastmen).  

My Genestealer cult had a lucky deployment where they could quickly get to objectives, unmolested. 

Ross's old school Imperial Guard. 

James's Inquisitorial band attacked the abhumans but later allied with them (not sure which band contained the most mutants to be honest!). 

Dave surprised us all as we were expecting his Nurgle warband. Ross was the first to discover that he'd brought a gaggle of Eldar instead. 

Simon's Necrons. We rib him constantly that they're not a "real" force. 

It comes to something when your purestrains are rooting round in bins for cigarette butts and discarded burgers.

This is where James and Adam joined forces and turned on me.  My Magus got got lucky and killed most of those beastmen. James's fickle Inquisitor then killed the rest!  

In the end, my Genestealer cult won with 11 objective points. I took a lot of casualties once I'd spread my band thin and advanced. Ross came second with 8 points but took delight in the fact that Colonel Bogey kicked a purestrain and my Patriarch to death in close combat (bloody conversion fields!). 

An awesome game. 



    Posted by SCARI (the Society for the Creation of Abhuman Rights in the Imperium).

  2. I did thoroughly enjoy the game even if my Imperial Guard Abhuman Regiment force did come last.

    Also posted by SCARI (the Society for the Creation of Abhuman Rights in the Imperium).

  3. Some great conversions and great paint jobs, especially your stealer cult.

    1. Thanks Bacon

      Those "new" fangled Citadel shades are a godsend for old school stealers.

  4. Mate; awesome BATREP. I'm pleased to hear you weren't turfed out of WW for non-modern gameplay.

    As a fellow gene stealer cultist I loved your models; top stuff!!

  5. I like the colour scheme of the Guardsmen, nice camo effect.