24 November 2014

Rogue 7rader

7TV by Crooked Dice is amazing. Although its default setting is cult spy-fi, the system is so well designed it can be used for any sort of modern or science fiction skirmish.

On Saturday we used it to play a Rogue Trader-esque game and it worked a treat. The forces involved are Ian's Rogue Trader Stannilas Laird (Underworld Boss) and crew set against my Illuminati band.

I think this is set to become our go-to skirmish ruleset. It's hugely fun and full of character. The main book and its supplements also include a generous range of scenarios that can easily be adapted to the setting at hand.

Illuminati Band (L-R)
Slymenstra (Ninja)
Short Connery (Cultist)
Crispin Quentz (Navigator/Inhuman Servitor)
Nook Hackard (Security Guard)
Larith Graziel (Eldar Merc/Lackey)
Luthor Reborn (Unhinged Toff)
Jeramo Groon (Security Gaurd)

Molloway the Tech-Priest advances under the leadership of Luthor Reborn.

Luthor is aware of dog-things to the left as the crew advance on the objective in the hangar.

Woof woof gragghh!

The "dogs" attack Larith and Quentin

Darryl Black the Astropath and Arena Girl take position on the landing pad

As Luthor is ambushed by Gene Zymmonds, Molloway announces he has been bought by the opposition.

Following Luthor's death and an ungodly number of his team being bought out by Rogue Trader Laird, we conceded. Only the Navigator Crispsin Quentz was left alive and he had a terrible headache.

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