31 October 2014

How to train your Mangler Squigs

This post is similar to my Giant Saving post, where I converted a £1 toy wrestler into a giant for Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Unfortunately, Andre the giant wasn't as good in-game as I'd hoped (lucky I didn't buy a real one) so I thought I'd try out a couple of Mangler Squigs.

The thing is, again, GW are charging a ridiculous price (£36) for a figure that I really don't like the look of. Regarding their giant, I just simply don't like the design but can see why some people do; Mangler Squigs, however, are a daft-looking pair of monsters. GW Orcs are comedic enough but I'm certainly not paying over £70 for what is effectively a childish, mass produced monster.

Especially when it seems you can buy childish, mass produced monsters for £1 a pair.

Why they are in Italian is anybody's guess. Maybe that's why they were £1 a pack.

The toy has holes where a pair of wings are supposed to go. I'm sure they'll be used for something else...the wings; not the holes.

I had some jeweller's chain kicking around that I'd originally bought to decorate my Dark Eldar. I put this use as the chain binding the brutes together and acting a leash for their poor snotling handlers. Wire threaded through the chain allows it to be posed and doesn't look too intrusive.

There's some Milliput filler in their chops.


A little bit of painting, inking, highlighting (you know the drill) later and here are the completed not-really-Mangler Squigs. Total saving = £70.

Games Workshop, I love you dearly - you got me into the wargaming hobby and have given me lots of fun over the years. I appreciate you are a business with shareholders to appease, however, I'm really not going pay over-the-odds prices for your products. You might possibly have taken £40 in revenue for a couple of sensibly priced squigs. Instead you've taken £0 revenue from me instead.


  1. I'm very tempted to steal that idea.

  2. Fantastic looking results. Another victory (and sale) for the bargain shops over greedy GW.

  3. Brilliant from me too, nice work and extremely valid points.