02 September 2014

Things I want to Steal from My 4 Year Old Son

My son has more toys than me (maybe). I look at some of them with envy as I can see their wargaming potential. Here's the top 6 toys I want to steal from him (most of them from the Tomica Thomas the Tank Engine range):

Health and Safety laws dictate that more footbridges are needed in Redemption City

This is clearly a 15mm scale bridge. The Fat Controller will just have to find another route around Sodor.

Looks garish and plastic but with a little work, this is some sort of Rogue Trader-esque building in 28mm. It's got separate rooms and everything inside.

15mm Air Traffic Control Tower for our long-overdue Gruntz spaceport game.

Remove the chassis and you have a 15mm shed. Ollie has several of these (at the moment).

And finally, my favourite, a limo for my Genestealer Cult Magus.


  1. LOL. I must admit I've also looked at some of my kids toys for wargames scenery...

  2. That's brilliant.

    It's only a matter of time until I see them painted up in RPH.

  3. Great article - I have a daughter and her toys provide much less opportunity than you have presented with your son. But my Savage Orcs do have a giant cannibal cooking pot courtesy of Barbie! Keep up the great blog

    1. That's amazing. Barbie scares me more than orcs anyway.